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Parsons Green Sports and Social Club

31 Broomhouse Lane, Fulham, London SW6 3DP Tel: 020 7736 1401 / Email: parsonsgreenclub@gmail.com

November 2015 Development Update

Nov_2015 (d)

the basement of the new Clubhouse, showing the ramp down to the basement (far left)

Nov 2015(b)

Piling & capping the ramp down to the basement

At the Club’s AGM in October 2015, the board reported on the present schedule of works for the building of the new clubhouse. It was stressed that the schedule of works was a best estimate only and that it was always subject to factors, which neither the developer nor the Club could control. In particular, it was reported that (a) the basement slab should be completed by the end of February 2016; (b) the ground floor/first floor slab should be completed by mid-May 2016; (c) the first floor/second floor slab should be completed by the end of June 2016; (d) the roof construction should be completed by the middle of October 2016; (e) the roof should be watertight by the end of January 2017; and (f) the new clubhouse should be fitted-out and handed over to the Club by the end of April/the beginning of May 2017. The board also informed the AGM that the bowls green and the croquet lawn(s) should be turfed in February 2017 and, subject to the weather, should be ready for play during May 2017. It would not be possible to turf these surfaces any earlier, because, if this were done, the construction works would contaminate the new turf. Work on the new squash pavilion has been temporarily suspended so that all development effort can be focussed on the construction of the new clubhouse. Whilst it is not yet known when the building of the squash pavilion can begin again, everybody is anxious that this should happen as soon as possible. After the work does re-start, it will be about 8 months before the 2 new squash courts are available for use. The third new, floodlit tennis court was opened last summer. For the time being, the 3 existing courts have not been carpeted, because the carpets would be damaged by contamination from the construction works. The carpets will, however, be laid as soon as this becomes practicable. The board hopes that a fourth new tennis court can be made ready during 2016. This will be the court that is closest to the new squash pavilion and it will be built with a ring beam so that it can accommodate a winter “bubble”. Nobody should expect the final 2 new tennis courts to be constructed before spring 2017. These 2 courts will be positioned, close to the new clubhouse, in an area, which will be required for construction access and heavy traffic until then.