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Parsons Green Sports and Social Club

Broomhouse Lane, Fulham, London SW6 3DP Tel: 020 7736 1401 / Email: parsonsgreenclub@gmail.com

November 2017 update

Development 03.12.17

The main construction site seen through the ' viewing window' at the end of November 2017

1.Sir Clive Cowdery has acquired all the issued shares in the capital of Phoenix Park (Parsons Green) Limited. Phoenix Park (Parsons Green) Limited is the company which has been doing the actual development. Andy Cooper (not the rapper) is now the sole director of that company. Sir Clive’s biography is already well documented and does not need to be repeated here. Suffice it to say that a major reason why he became involved in our project was that, as a long-standing local resident, he wanted to help to provide something that the area could be proud of.

2.Phoenix Park has appointed GM Developments Limited as the main contractor for our development. GMD, which was founded by Garry McHugh in 1987, is now recognized as a leading South West London building contractor.

3.The evidence of our own eyes tells us that Phoenix Park is now properly funded and is anxious to proceed with the development as quickly and efficiently as possible. Those of you, who visit the Club and look through the viewing window next to the tennis courts, will have seen that the main construction site is a hive of activity. Proof of real progress is already clearly visible above the hoardings. With regard to the new clubhouse building, the ground floor slab and the lower ground floor retaining walls are cast. The first floor slab is due to be partially cast in the coming days and the remainder of the slab to the first floor should have been cast before 30 November 2017. Weather permitting, the second floor slab is due to be cast by 23 December 2017 and the construction of the building is currently proceeding in accordance with the programme of works.

4.According to the current programme of works, the whole of the development will have been completed by the early summer of 2019.

The story of the new racquets pavilion has already been fully narrated. Whilst we cannot forget how disappointing and frustrating the various delays and set-backs have been for us all, Phoenix Park’s new owners have taken on the task of completing the necessary work as quickly as possible and, in short, the fully completed squash courts and changing rooms are now scheduled to open for the racquets members by the end of the first week of December 2017. We will let you have further details on this as soon as possible.There is a lot of work still to do and, no doubt, we’ll find new problems that need to be solved. However, we must now have every reason to be both confident and optimistic. Surely, we can all start to believe that this is the beginning of a successful end to our development.

There is one other connected matter, which we should report to you.Many of you will know that Phoenix Park and Shepherds Bush Housing Group have jointly submitted a planning application to build 12 social rented flats on the Daisy Lane land. For the moment, we do not know when this application will be considered by LBHF or what the chances are that a planning permission might be granted. We will, of course, keep you informed.

The Board
22 November 2017