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Parsons Green Sports and Social Club

31 Broomhouse Lane, Fulham, London SW6 3DP Tel: 020 7736 1401 / Email: parsonsgreenclub@gmail.com

Tennis Rules

Issued by PGC Tennis Committee, June 2016.
This is your club - these rules are designed to ensure fairness to members of all of standards as well as to maximize flexibility. These rules form part of the rules of the Club, as in force from time to time.
Members should carry their membership cards at all times when at the club. Please do not be offended if you are asked to verify yourself by a tennis committee member who does not recognise you (contact the tennis committee at parsonsgreentennis@gmail.com if you are a current member and do not have a card.)
There is no specific dress code however members and guests should wear recognised tennis clothes together with tennis shoes that will not mark the court surfaces. When the artificial grass and clay courts are laid training shoes with black soles and/or heavy treads are not permitted. Members are not permitted to play shirtless.
Members must respect each other and our neighbours by not shouting, swearing or causing a disturbance of any kind. Abuses will be subject to the disciplinary procedure below.
is for any member and takes place each Tuesday (18:30 - 21.30) and Saturday (13.30-16:00) for intermediate members and above and Sunday (13.30-16:00) for all members. If demand necessitates, all courts will be used for social tennis (and will be filled in this order: court 2, 3, 4–see 12 for court positioning). Each match should consist of 7 games and then players should mix. For the avoidance of doubt the racquets committee reserves the right conclusively to decide the playing standard of a tennis member,
Men's team practice evenings (every Thursday between 18.30 and 21.30.) and women's team practice evenings (every Monday between 18.00 and 21.30) take priority on courts 2 and 3 between 18.00 and 21.30.and will be organised by the relevant team captain or a tennis committee member. These times are reserved for players of a team standard only. Please speak to a team captain if you wish to join a team squad (http://www.parsonsgreenclub.com/#/teams/4526737511). See 12 for court positioning.
may not attend any sessions or play at the club without first formally applying to join PGC and being officially accepted as members (http://www.parsonsgreenclub.com/#/membership/4525877956)
Due to strict insurance conditions PGC regrets that tennis guests are not allowed into the club at any time. This will be changed once the club is fully opened.
8.JUNIORS(under 18 years):
Due to strict insurance conditions PGC regrets that juniors are not allowed into the club at any time. This will be changed once the club is fully opened.
of any kind may not be taken onto, or consumed on, the courts.
are not allowed to be used on court. Please ensure they are either on ‘silent’ or are turned off so that they don’t disturb other players. If players take calls they should do so outside the court areas only, without holding up play at busy times.
are inter-club matches organised by PGC team captains (http://www.parsonsgreenclub.com/#/teams/4526737511) and will have priority over other matches and will be shown on the booking system calendar. All other games of any kind are not deemed to be official matches and are subject to usual club rules and booking procedure
All play of any kind (except for official social and team practice sessions (see rules 4 and 5) should be booked prior via http://parsonsgreen.mycourts.co.ukCOURT NUMBERINGThe courts are numbered 2, 3 and 4. Court 2 is nearest the school (East side), court 3 is in the middle and court 4 is the one nearest Broomhouse Lane(West side).
DAILY BOOKING SESSIONS (start times – all 1.15 hours) starting from 8.30am 8:30, 9:45, 11:00, 12:15, 13:30, 14:45, 16:00, 17:15, 18:30, 19:45, 21:00 (the last players must leave the court by 21:45 at the latest and switch off the lights at the main switch).PEAK SESSIONS (start times): Monday to Friday: 17:45 onwards / Saturday & Sunday: 8.30am onwards
TENNIS BOOKING RULES The tennis courts on this booking system can be booked up to 8 days in advance Court bookings MUST name all players (members name in full) A refundable £4.00 fee will be applied for each booking. Note that all members will initially be issued with a £8.00 credit (the player who booked will have the court fee refunded automatically by the tennis committee after they have played – players do not need to do anything for this).
Members are not allowed to invite guests or juniors at any time (see rules 5 - 7).
When unable to use a reserved court, members MUST cancel as soon as possible so that the court may be used by other members. When a booking is cancelled 24 hours prior, the booking fee is automatically refunded.
Members and guests are expected to leave the courts in a tidy state – this means placing any litter and dead balls in the bins provided. They must lower the nets after use if no one else is waiting to play. They should also close the gates when leaving the courts to ensure nothing can come onto the courts at night. Under no circumstances should warm-up exercises be done against or on any court furniture or against the net posts nor should anyone allow on to the courts anything that could damage the surfaces. Floodlights must be switched off by 21.45 hrs.
14.LTA / BRITISH TENNIS:Tennis members must comply with, and uphold, the rules and regulations of the LTA (as amended from time to time) and the rules and regulations of anybody to whom the LTA is affiliated. This mirrors the tennis section’s constitution and is a requirement of the LTA.
A. Access to the site, and thus the tennis courts, will be from Daisy Lane, through the existing gate with a combination lock. The combination number must not be given to anybody who is not a member of the Club
B. Nobody may come onto, or leave, the Club’s site except through the above gate. It is a “pedestrians only” gate. Bicycles may be brought through the gate, but must never be ridden on the site.
C. Unless the temporary clubhouse is open at that time or other members are still playing tennis, you must make sure that this Daisy Lane gate is padlocked shut when you leave the site. This is an essential security requirement, which applies throughout the whole day.
D. Between the Sulivan Road houses and the back of the tennis courts, there is a small temporary tennis hut, which can be used for shelter. The access to this hut lies over rough ground and particular care will need to be taken by those who elect to use it.
E. Between the tennis courts and the temporary tennis hut, there is a padlocked gate. The combination number must not be given to anybody who is not a member of the Club. If you use this gate (which is important to the security of the site as a whole), you must ensure that it is locked again when you leave the tennis courts.
F. Access to the tennis courts is along the concrete, fenced - in path, which runs to your left from behind the temporary clubhouse and then along the gap between the school and the excavation of the new squash pavilion. When moving to, and from, the tennis courts, you must never leave this path.
G. The whole of the Club’s site (apart from (a) the fenced-in areas of the above path and the tennis courts; (b) the small area of land, between the Sulivan Road houses and the 3 tennis courts, where the temporary tennis hut is situated; and (c) the temporary clubhouse and the small area of land immediately surrounding the temporary clubhouse) is a building site and it is neither occupied nor controlled by the Club. A building site is an inherently dangerous place and all tennis players must already be well aware of the risks involved. In a strong wind, the temporary fencing will be an additional, potential hazard. Each member, who has voluntarily come onto the site, must bear principal responsibility for his or her own safety. Thus, all members must behave with great care and caution at all times.
H. The seriousness of any accident could be exacerbated if the injured person were alone and/or unable to call for outside help. Thus, those using the tennis courts should try to pass through the site together and should always bring their mobile phones with them. In the dark, members should also carry a torch. Any accident, which does occur (either on or off the tennis courts), must be promptly reported either in the temporary clubhouse (if it is open then) or to any director or by e-mail to the Club.
I. Whilst on the site, nobody may enter onto land that is neither occupied nor controlled by the Club and/or pass through or over any fence or wall, which has been constructed, or put in place, on the site. The only exception to this rule is obvious. Members may enter and leave the fenced - off tennis courts through the gates provided.
J. It follows from the above that any tennis ball, which lands on land that is neither owned nor controlled by the Club, is lost and cannot be recovered.
K. If the temperature reaches 25 degrees or above, you must hose down your tennis court before you play on it. If you don’t do this, you will damage the court and increase the risk of injury. For this purpose a hosepipe has been provided at the back of the courts.

Discipline and Appeals
All complaints regarding the behaviour of members should be submitted in writing to the PGC board by email addressed to The Director in charge of Membership, Parsons Green Club via parsonsgreenclub@gmail.com.These rules are guidelines to help the club run smoothly. They are primarily for reference, with enforcement only in extremis. Please speak up if you see someone abusing them and don't hesitate to involve a committee member. Any member violating the rules will be referred to the Board of the Parsons Green Club who may take appropriate disciplinary action which could include the termination of membership.Communication with members will normally be via email – if your address changes let us know by emailing parsonsgreenclub@gmail.com, copying the tennis committee on parsonsgreentennis@gmail.com. Please also keep an eye on the tennis email notices for announcements