Tian Howell – Specialist PT


Tian Howell – Personal Trainer

I am the Head Trainer, managing fitness facilities, a Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer, Stretch Coach, and life enthusiast! My fitness journey began after I graduated from the Royal Academy of Dance with a first-class honors degree in ballet. Over the course of my nine years in teaching, I’ve furthered my education and research, with a current focus on injury management and helping individuals move functionally, pain-free, and at their best.

I’m also certified in Sports Nutrition and Wellness Coaching, and I provide guidance on straightforward lifestyle changes to help you achieve a healthy, compromise-free balance. Additionally, I am the founder of Librium Hub, a wellness directory featuring top holistic practitioners in their respective fields.

In 2022, I founded the Librium Menopause Clinic after observing the positive changes in my menopausal fitness clients through tailored training, nutrition, and holistic therapies. My mission now is to assist pre and perimenopausal clients in establishing sustainable lifestyles and routines that support their menopause journey.

My number one goal in life is to help make people happy, healthy and encourage sustainable lifestyles.

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